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Medical Travel & Advanced Therapy Protocols

Travel to Medinstitute-Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus and get efficient therapy with more than 36 years of successful treatments background. If you are overseas please find our FAQ and learn more.

Unique Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Medinstitute – Nikolenko Clinic uses hyperbaric ozone-oxygen therapy devices (Ten Pass, Multi pass) which are provided by the only world manufacturer in Germany (HERRMANN Apparatebau GmbH). It is medically certified and used for Lyme, post COVID and other viral, and bacterial infections diseases treatment protocols.
TEN PASS ozone
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Medical Ozone:
  • Is an activated oxygen, with three-atomic oxygen molecule (O3) and high bioavailability
  • Is colorless, recognizable by its specific smell, and has got no any harm to a human


Medical Ozone:

  • Has a highly pronounced bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and antiparasitic effect
  • Is used as an ozone-oxygen mixture in exact concentration depending on medical protocol

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Words From Our Patient

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Working With Our Team.


Highly recommend

"...Dear Dr. Yuri, thank you so much for all that you and the clinic have done for me. It has been an amazing opportunity for healing...I'm vastly improved from the girl who could not walk, talk, and stand up when I arrived! It is amazing to be able to hold conversations and interact with people again for the first time in many years...I am going to miss everyone so much!..." 

Nikki, New Zealand

April, 2019

evidence-based protocols

Curing of Herpes Zoster

A short video on the successful cure of a patient with a severe herpes zoster viral infection. Herpes Zoster is wide spread causing root and typically very gives complex clinical symptoms similar to skin rashes, blisters, etc.
curing herpes zoster
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What We Treat

Our unique protocols have been proven with decades of successful treatments, evidence-based results and happy patients.


We use only advanced protocols treating Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster and other viral, bacterial infections.


We treat Lyme and Lyme-like diseases. Successful treatment results justified by blood tests clean from the causing infection and co-infections.


According to our experience chronic fatigue is mainly backed by infections and we know how you can get rid of them.


Deep cleansing of liver and blood purification help to recover the liver tissue and all body functions on cellular level.


Activated oxygen helps to clean up not only main blood vessels  but peripheral ones and contribute to many conditions improvements.


We use protocols proven by decades of successful treatment. treatment results justified by related medical tests only.

Safe & Innovative Way in Colon Hydro-Therapy

The only German manufacturer with approval according to MDR 2017/ 745. And proof of study.

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Cleansing

Cleans large intestine by rectal high-volume water flushing


Relaxed supine position, and is perceived as pleasant enough


to oral bowel preparation, or at the patient's explicit request

Positive Cleaning

Can improve the quality of the colonoscopy, based on study


Compliance to European regulations and certification available

Our Experienced Doctors

Meet The Professionals


Dr yuri nikolenko

MD, Ph.D, founder, general director

Dr-Nikoletta Nikolenko

Dr nikoletta nikolenko

md. ph.d, head of rehabilitology

Dr Chrystalla nikolenko

MD, co-founder, deputy director

Prof Antonis Polidorou

Dr antonis polidorou

md, professor, interventional cardiology

Dr Elina Nikolenko

md, head of dermatology

Dr Georgia Milliotou

General Doctor

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