What is Ozone Therapy?

ozone therapy-

Ozone therapy is an alternative medical practice that inserts medical-grade ozone gas into the body. Medical-grade ozone is a highly active and reactive form of oxygen that can potentially restore optimum oxygen levels in the body. It has been utilised and extensively studied for many decades. Additionally, its effects in treating multiple diseases, infections and wounds are medically documented, consistent and with minimal side effects.

Ozone therapy involves filling your body with small amounts of ozone in a controlled manner. When administered directly, it may assist the immune system in performing its role in killing bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When administered systemically, ozone therapy could potentially have the effect of improving oxygenation and enhancing energy production, stimulating the immune system to be more active.

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Ozone Therapy Benefits

Ozone is a strong healing tool that aims to help the body regain its health. Its effectiveness is often maximised when used in conjunction with other treatments in order to boost immunity and promote well-being. Some of its possible benefits are:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic effects.
  • Faster wound healing
  • Brain function enhancement
  • Energy production boost
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic benefits
  • Minor autohemotherapy

    Minor autohemotherapy involves the pull of small amounts of blood, such as 3-10ml vials, from an individual’s vein via a hypodermic needle; a hollow needle usually used with a syringe. The blood is then mixed with ozone and is injected back into either a muscle or the skin.

Dr. Yuri Nikolenko

Major hyperbaric autohemotherapy

Major autohemotherapy (Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy) – is an alternative treatment that involves the transfer of ozonated blood under hyperbaric pressure once or multiple times, over the course of a single treatment session.

  • 1 - Pass Major Autohemotherapy - involves removing about 180-200 ml of blood into a vacuum bottle, pressurizing it with oxygen/ozone gas at a concentration of about 70 mcg/cc and returning it rapidly to the patient.
  • Multi-pass /10-pass Major Autohemotherapy - Similar to 1-pass ozone therapy, it involves removing about 180-200 ml of blood into a vacuum bottle, pressurising it with oxygen/ozone gas at a concentration of about 70 mcg/cc and returning it rapidly to the patient. However, this process is then repeated 10 times providing the client with up to 140000mcg of ozone. 10-Pass ozone is a safe, unique, highly potent, and intensive type of ozone therapy that has widespread actions in the body tissues and is more effective at helping our body systems eliminate pathogens.

The most potent method of autohemotherapy is the 10-pass/multi-pass Major Autohemotherapy treatment the benefits of which may include strengthening the immune system, stimulating white blood cells, preventing infections and potentially helping the body fight off harmful infections- fungi, bacteria and viruses such as Influenza, Rotavirus, Herpes Viruses, Viral hepatitis, Lyme disease. In addition, ozone delivered through the 10-pass/multi-pass Major Autohemotherapy treatment may help red blood cells to transport oxygen and improve circulation and general cell function. 

Due to its multiple benefits, there are many health applications for 10-pass/multi-pass Major Autohemotherapy treatment including helping the body to cope with many chronic and acute health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, breathing disorders, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Topical application of ozone gas 

Topical application of ozone gas or “Bagging” refers to the method of introducing topical ozone gas directly to an affected area of the skin (on a hand, arm, leg, foot, torso, or pelvis). The affected area is usually covered with a plastic bag which is filled with ozone gas through a small opening. Ozone Bagging may be a very effective modality as an adjunct to help supplement treatment for skin conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers, burns, bed sores, bacterial skin infections, wounds healing, gangrene, Tinea versicolor, Onychomycosis (fungal nail infection), Athlete’s foot

Local ozone injections

Local ozone injection therapy involves ozone gas being injected locally, around the site of injury or inflammation.

Localized ozone injection therapy is usually the method of preference in localized injuries and inflammations such as acute joint injuries and inflammation, sprains, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Subcutaneous injection

Subcutaneous ozone therapy involves ozone gas being injected under the skin through hypodermic needles. This method is usually applied in several aesthetic dysfunctions such as cellulite, localized fat reduction, rejuvenation and tissue flaccidity, stretch marks, acne vulgaris, scars, and dyschromia.

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Topical ozone gas – sauna (wellness)

Ozone Sauna is a technology that infuses trioxygen through steam and hot air into the skin and body in a special cabin to promote healing, rejuvenation and relaxation. Ozone Sauna may be used as an adjunct to boost the human body functions by:

  • Stimulation of Immune System
  • Detoxification
  • Relieve stress and muscle tension
  • Improve body Metabolism
  • Improve blood Circulation

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