Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation after polytrauma and illnesses - Department Nikole. B/S. The advantages of our center's rehabilitation department.

The department is led by Dr. Nicoletta Nikolenko, a doctor of science. Highly qualified physiotherapists accurately follow her instructions. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Control section: electronic and mechanical devices that provide precise information about the patient's real condition, which helps specialists plan the treatment strategy more accurately.
  • Hardware physiotherapy section: twenty-five beds equipped with the most modern equipment, including different lasers, magnets, electrostimulators, ultrasound equipment, and diathermies. (Ask dr.)
  • Special physiotherapy section: special electronic sensor gloves combined with computers, special electronic stimulators for correcting leg movement.
  • Special devices for neurology: transcranial magnetic stimulation, electrosleep, devices for improving cerebral circulation, devices for brain decompression.
  • Special large-scale equipment: ozone sauna.
  • Special equipment for general therapeutic tasks: apparatus for ultraviolet blood irradiation, green laser, devices for specialized lymphatic drainage - Icoone.
  • Special sports rehabilitation gym f or therapeutic exercises, equipped with the most modern equipment that allows rehabilitation for all categories of patients (injuries, disorders of cerebral circulation, conditions after infections).


Our entire rehabilitation center has good facilities for paralyzed patients, such as special toilets, wide corridors, and ramps wherever they are needed. We also have our own large parking lot for 30 cars.

This allows us to provide treatment for patients who are at home, enabling them to come for treatment several times a week.

The center employs specialists with international recognition, and they actively collaborate with each other. The "Rehabilitation Center" is of direct or indirect interest to all of them because the quality of treatment depends on it. Therefore, Dr. Nicoletta Nikolenko constantly works with her colleagues.

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