Euthanasia – a happy ending.

Six months ago, our former patient from England approached us, stating that his friend had paid a deposit to a Swiss clinic for euthanasia because he had been suffering from severe headaches and depression for a prolonged period of time, which were not relieved by strong medication. I gave my approval, and a few days later, the patient flew to Cyprus from London, holding a one-way ticket to Switzerland.

During the examination, we discovered active herpes zoster localized in the patient’s head and neck. There were numerous old and fresh lesions on the head, along with brown pigmentation indicating a long-standing condition. Even light touch caused intense pain and brought the patient to convulsions. Thermographic imaging revealed significant inflammation in about three-quarters of the head and one-quarter of the upper neck area. The patient also exhibited symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Initially, the patient was skeptical about our proposal to treat him, but eventually agreed. I offered him a deal: if I couldn’t cure him, I would refund his money. Since our clinic successfully treats 10 to 20 similar cases of this condition each year, we were confident in our ability to help him.

The treatment lasted four weeks and involved high doses of intravenous ozone and multipass therapy, along with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), deep lymphatic drainage, detoxification plans (including colon cleansing), multivitamins, and minerals. This disease requires rigorous treatment with high doses of ozone, administered twice a day.

After the first week, the patient started feeling better, and by the end of the four-week period his headaches decreased dramatically as well as his overall mood, he was later discharged after his recovery.

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