New developments in the treatment of systemic sclerosis and Raynaud’s disease at Y&C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation Ltd Cyprus.

In our clinic, we believe that the starting point for these severe diseases is a viral infection (in fact, viruses are present in all autoimmune processes). This virus destroys small blood vessels in the body, and connective tissue replaces them. By targeting this virus, we reduce inflammation in the vessel walls and essentially halt or slow down the process. We have observed positive progress in twelve patients with systemic sclerosis and eight patients with Raynaud’s syndrome.

The response is particularly rapid in individuals who have recently been diagnosed, within two years. The connective tissue has not completely closed the vessel lumens. But the most remarkable observation is the restoration of skin elasticity, indicating that the treatment is yielding results.

How did we achieve this? The only means is ozone, which we generate at the patient’s bedside using special equipment. This produces a similar effect to water purification in a pool, with the human body serving as the pool. Fortunately, our bodies are highly resistant to ozone (our cells are resistant to ozone) because ozone is atomic oxygen (O3), and our bodies rely on oxygen for survival.

At the moment, we are observing the following in patients undergoing treatment: wrinkles becoming visible on initially immobile faces during conversation or laughter, skin on the hands forming folds, and depression fading away amidst positive progress in the disease.

Treating these diseases in advanced stages, when it is challenging to find suitable veins, is extremely difficult. Sometimes, we have to work through the subclavian vein, insert catheters, and so on. However, if we succeed, it means we have a great chance of saving the patient and partially improving their condition. Restoring their faith that they won’t die or become disabled is a very serious task. After this treatment, patients receive ozone therapy according to a specific protocol as a preventive measure, on average once a month. So far, our results have been consistently good.

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