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Body Thermographic Scanning

Thermography analyzes changes in the temperature of the patient’s body surface. This diagnosis is one of the most promising express methods for studying the human body.


Thermographic Screening (TS) is non-invasive type of the body screening and it does not cause any external influence or discomfort for the patient. TS allows the doctor to visualize abnormalities in the form of a thermal images of many disease casing and physical dysfunctions.

Being a part of TS, a thermosensitive camera allows for thermographic observation of patients for the purpose of early prevention and analysis of a number of diseases. It helps to screen the body (or its specific part) before the patient’s complaints about his health and before the occurrence of destructive changes in tissues.

One of the main advantages of thermographic scanning is that it is harmless: there are no radiation as well as no other waves can cause harm to the health of the patients.

Thermography makes it possible to clarify:

  • Localization of functional changes
  • The intensity of the pathological process
  • Process activity (increase or decrease in functional stress)
  • Prevalence (localization or distribution)
  • The nature of the changes (inflammation, congestion, malignancy)
  • The following organs are diagnosed with Thermography:
  • Digestive organs
  • Thyroid gland
  • Breasts tissues
  • Ears, throat and sinuses
  • Skin
  • The immune system
  • Organs of small pelvis
  • Kidneys and other organs of the body

Thermography confirms the exact pathological location, identifies parts of functional tissue changes and allow to have the visual results in a seconds.






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