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O3 – Ozone Gas That Gives Life

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O3 – Ozone Gas That Gives Life

From where did it all begin?

I am Yuri Nikolenko and I am a Physician, a Pathologist, and a specialist in rehabilitation. My wife is a Pediatrician and 32 years ago, she was diagnosed with a severe illness by the Neurology Institute in Cyprus. I reached the conclusion that their therapy would not provide her a high chance of recovery and therefore I started looking at other therapies. After my initial investigations and within 2 months I concluded that Ozone therapy had the highest chance of success and invested in the first ozone therapy machine in Cyprus. Because of ozone therapy, my wife is now healed and works today as a doctor, is able to participate in other activities such as choirs, and leads a happy and full life. Our children are also doctor’s and we all together are of the opinion that Ozone therapy is one of the most potent methods that can be used for healing patients.

Further to this, our clinic proceeded to apply ozone treatment as a standard therapy by acquiring the necessary equipment. The clinic has now treated thousands of patients with severe illnesses and it has proved to be lifesaving. Ii is now more than 30 years since we offered Ozone therapy and we were able to help over 50.000 patients from over 50 different countries. We are now one of the largest and most successful ozone clinics in the world. I would like to conclude by saying something about the gas and the therapy that gives life: Ozone Therapy.

The ozone shield lies about 25-50 kilometers above the earth and protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. If this goes is protected, so will life on earth and unfortunately, people do not understand or appreciate it and keep damaging it. In 1894 a German professor first discovered the potential of ozone application and therefore Germany has been the first to integrate it into the field of medicine. Important scientists have worked with ozone applications among them the great inventor, Nicolas Tesla. The first medical ozone generators were constructed by the Germans who are until today one of the most significant Ozone medical equipment producers globally and one good example is the Herrmann corporation.

Ozone is atomic oxygen whose molecular structure consists of 3 oxygen atoms.
It is first dissolved in normal saline solution and presented intravenously into the bloodstream. As it is extremely body cell friendly, our body recognizes it as pure oxygen and therefore does not react negatively to this dissolved gas. As the body consists of almost 90% water, ozone then circulates easily throughout the body. It penetrates body tissue, crosses the blood-brain barrier and the central nervous system for the reason that it is 40 times smaller than erythrocytes. When in contact with any foreign particle it loses one oxygen atom and the oxygen (O2) that is left, enriches our bloodstream and rapidly increases the oxygen concentration. During this interaction with the foreign particles, ozone eliminates the pathogenic microorganisms in our system such as deadly bacteria, viruses, fungus, and the toxic poisons and fluids which are discarded through our body’s canals without causing any side effects. Ozone does not leave any residue in the body and can be safely administered in severe cases 3-4 times a day.

I personally consider my teacher Professor Peretiagyn who promoted ozone treatment as my mentor and has learned and developed ozone therapy to a much higher level today. Currently, we successfully treat severe cases and I can confidently say that I notice no serious side effects in my patients because we have the significant experience that is required to provide this therapy safely to our patients. Healthcare professionals who provide ozone therapy treatment protocols can save lives and provide people with good health because this ozone gas that nature gave us gives life.

Stay healthy,
Dr Yuri Nikolenko MD, PhD

Доктор Юрий Николенко Кипр 150