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Medical Treatment of Diseases by Ozone Gas

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Medical Treatment of Diseases by Ozone Gas

It’s been decades since we have been strictly clear on the dilemma of Global Warming and the threat it prevails. As we progress in technology with time, we gradually lose chances to save Earth, and our lives, synchronously. The emission of hazardous gases into the atmosphere corrodes the ozone layer – a naturally occurring protective gaseous layer enveloping Earth. Ozone-depleting substances (ODS) such as CFCs and chlorine molecules can wipe out 100,000 ozone molecules in a blink, thereby forming an “ozone hole.” Getting robbed of O3 molecules from the stratosphere will end life on Earth due to the fatal Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Discovery of Ozone Medical Treatment

In 1982, Ozone was also actively utilized as disinfectants and as sterilizing agents. The trioxide gas was applied to the wounds of soldiers during World War I and anti-inflammatory effects were observed. Ozone generators were manufactured in a jiffy that produced the gas that could be administered on damaged tissues/wounds for 15 minutes to get impressive results. It was used regularly for antiseptic purposes in Europe, yet a premonition hindered its comprehensive usage in medicine.

Ozone treatment produced powerful results but healthcare workers were still not completely confident about its side effects. It was termed as a toxic gas gambling on the concentrations used. The question that remained was whether or not ozone gas therapy could be applied to mankind to treat diseases safely.’ The German scientists were the firsts to introduce the ozone component in medicine as a means of treatment for a number of human diseases. In 1894, a German man of brilliance devised ozone therapy as the harmless treatment for a number of diseases. Partnered with the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, the scientists dismissed all premonitions regarding ozone treatment therapy for people all around the world. Since then, the ozone gas has been successfully healing in numerous patients as it heals Mother Earth.

Ozone Gas: a Brief

Ozone is a molecule made up of three atomic oxygens combined. It is colorless and has a pungent smell. The gas has certain therapeutic effects on the human body primarily because it is made up of nothing other than oxygen. While we are aware that we inhale oxygen from the air, we cannot inhale ozone. Even though it has 3 oxygen atoms, inhaling the gas will be undeniably poisonous. Therefore, ozone therapy is the term used to describe treating a certain injury/ailment via devices fanning ozone gas in an area.

Why Should We Do Ozone Treatment?

Ozone gas treatment has an interesting mechanism of action – simple and powerful. Our body cells consider an influx of oxygen advantageous and welcoming. The oxygen atoms are very small in size. They are tiny enough to face no obstacle in diffusing from the skin and into the red blood cells. Thus, the ozone enters the bloodstream, into the red blood cells and boosts the blood oxygen levels. Increased concentrations of blood oxygen can impact the body in magical ways. It improves brain activity, enhances immunity, and neutralizes stress and aging hormones. It also helps the patient fight cancer, improves heart condition and respiratory system.

Hundreds of recovered stories have emerged ever since ozone treatment and therapy was discovered on mankind. It has been known to cure a fatal neurological ailment within a few months of treatment. In cases of infectious diseases caused by microorganisms, the ozone treatment inactivates the causative agent and produces anti-inflammatory effects. Ozone treatment can easily heal the Lyme disease caused by the bite of a black-legged tick, containing the bacteria Borrelia. The treatment destroys all the microbes inhabiting the patient’s body completely via strengthening the immune system response.

An influx of ozone gas, or the oxygen atoms, into the body cells marginally increases the overall health of the body. Thus, the ozone gas becomes an irreplaceable remedy in medical science for human beings.

Med-InstituteNikolenko Clinic for Ozone Treatment in Cyprus

We cannot seem to stop ourselves from wrecking the ozone layer of Earth by ODS. It is ironic how this naturally occurring gas is in turn helping humans save their lives on earth.

The Med-Institute Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus, Europe is entirely involved in forging advanced medical treatments for complex medical conditions. Founded in 1988, the institute establishes advanced medical treatment for diseases, undertaken into care by highly qualified healthcare professional.

As history records, the inspiration for this institute administering Ozone Therapy Treatment sparked almost 30 years ago. A neurological disorder diagnosed in a beloved was hesitantly treated by the seemingly intimidating ozone gas. Rapid success led to the origination of an Institute working tirelessly to utilize advanced technology. As a result of relentless dedication, Nikolenko Clinic emerged in Cyprus. Today, it is one of the largest institutes handling Ozone Treatment as the primary method for curing cancer, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Viral diseases, and Ageing/Stress. As many as 80,000 patients have been successfully treated from over 50 countries around the world. The best part is that there has been no record of negative/side effects complained by the patients up-till now. People receiving ozone treatment for severe diseases like cancer and diabetes also did not report any ill symptoms post-therapy.


Ozone treatment is becoming notorious in the present day. Although occurring as a colorless gas, technology has formulated means of converting ozone into other, more feasible forms. These include ozonized oil, water, sauna, injections, and “autohemotherapy” where withdrawn blood is mixed with ozone gas and infused back.

Nature is merciful and has proffered remedies. While it is possible that ozone therapy can have adverse effects, in rare cases, it is important to be aware of the rules and techniques of ozone application.

Doctor Yuri Nikolenko, PhD

Доктор Юрий Николенко Кипр 150