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History of Dr. Nikolenko

Doctor Yuri Nikolenko, MD, PhD

My name is Yuri Nikolenko, I am a doctor, therapist, and rehabilitation specialist. My close relative is a pediatrician and 36 years ago she was diagnosed with a serious illness at the Institute of Neurology in Cyprus. I came to the conclusion that the therapy that existed in Cyprus at that time, to put it mildly, would not provide her with a high chance of recovery and therefore I began to look at alternative therapies that were able to save the life of my relative. This is how the Ozone treatment began in Cyprus! Read more

Virus Inactivating Program (ViP) by Doctor Yuri Nikolenko, MD, PhD

Dr. Nikolenko Virus Inactivating Program (ViP). The unique medical protocol of Doctor Yuri Nikolenko is an innovative holistic approach to treatment using evidence-based results that combine classical medical therapy and biomedicine with the identification and elimination of the casing route of the disease