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ICOONE Nikolenko Clinic Cyprus

ICOONE as Intercellular Lymph Drainage

When we treat a serious disease that has been developing in the body for a long time, and which has caused serious complications such as swelling, fibrosis, and changes in the skin – it is these complications that the Icoone device helps to eliminate.

The human body consists of fluid of 80-85% of, and we have to help it to move through the body correctly, like before the disease:

  • We can see an improvement in the general and local circulation of blood and lymph
  • We decrease the number of fluids and in this way, we strengthen the lymphatic capillaries.

In turn, it mobilizes, softens, moisturizes, hydrates, and stimulates cell regeneration, which leads to faster healing of tissues.

A positive effect on interstitial fibrosis improves the tropism and the elasticity of the tissue. The macro effect is a restoration of the correct lymphatic circulation – improvement of the blood – lymphatic macro circulation, which is very difficult to achieve with other methods.

Detoxification of the organism can be reached by reactivation and regulation of intestinal peristalsis.
Benefits at a cellular level are the following: improvement of the exchange of liquids in cells (microcirculation), and the rejuvenation of the whole organism.

That is why we chose this therapy, as an additional one to Ten-Pass or other treatment of the most severe disease that we treat, such as Lyme and Lyume-like disease, herpes zoster, Ebstein-Barr virus, Flavivirus as well as post-COVID syndrome, different types of viruses like hepatitis, papillomavirus, various cases of pneumonia, maxillary sinuses, diabetic gangrene, stroke recovery after stroke, myocardial infarction, heavy metal poisoning, chronic constipation, spastic colitis, anti-aging therapy …

Always yours,

Dr. Yuri Nikolenko, MD, Ph.D

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